Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Karen Couldon - Pencils For Sale!

This from Karen :--

Hi Everyone

I have been sorting out and have a few bundles of coloured pencils I no longer want.
My son is going to Kenya in July to refurbish ( build) a school and each pupil has to raise £1650. as part of his fundraising effort we are clearing out and "car booting".
These pencils are far too good to car boot, and probably wouldnt be appreciated anyway.
So, i have...
33 assorted colours prismacolor pencils
48 assorted colours Karisma pencils
40 assorted colours Karisma aquarelle pencils
59 assorted colours Stabilo aquatico pencils
88 assorted colours Lyra Rembrandt pencils
97 assorted colours Lyra Rembrandt aquarell pencils.
these are all sets or part of sets I have bought to try over the years before settling on my favourites that I use now. Most are virtually full length, although afew are 3/4 size.

Any reasonable donation considered, i was thinking about 25p + per pencil?? plus cost of postage, would rather send by special delivery, so they are trackable.
So please get in touch via email if you are interested in any of them.

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